Three Phase (CT) Modular Smart Meter

This Three-Phase CT-Operated (CT Type) Modular Smart Static Energy Meter is the new generation of three phase smart meters. It supports active & reactive energy measurements, as well as instantaneous measurement with an optional plug-and-play PLC/RF/GPRS communication module.

Key Features:


  • Option 1: Single Module.
  • Option 2: Dual Modules. Flexible communication architecture.
  • Option 3: Flexible configuration with dual modules mixed mesh network


  • Compliant with IEC Standards (IEC 62052-11, IEC 62053-22, IEC 62053-24)
  • Compliant with Interoperability Standards (DLMS)
  • Compatible with encryption algorithm AES128

Product Features

  • Compatible with current and future communication technologies
  • Sealable optical port
  • High bandwidth by dual modules
  • Power fail alerts (last gasp) and power resume information (first breath) available


  • Upgrade from traditional to smart meter without any extra investment
  • High-efficient and self-adaptive communication module for harsh environments
  • Flexible communication architecture such as RS485/PLC cascade connection.