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Smart Data Concentrator (DCU)

M62G is a smart Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) that collects consumption data 
from the energy meters assigned to it and posts the collected data to the Meter Data Acquisition Server (MDAS) for further processing. It supports multiple communication protocols and communication methods (Serial Interface, USB, LAN-TCP/IP, PLC, Ethernet and GPRS (4G/3G/2G)). 

Key Features:

  • Full DLMS/COSEM & IEC 62056-9-1 compliance
  • Independent communication interfaces:
  • Downlink interfaces: Wi-SUN RF Mesh, G3 PLC/BPLC/BPSK, RF, RS485 Uplink interfaces: GPRS(4G/3G), Ethernet/Optical Fiber
  • Local Maintenance Interfaces: Ethernet, Bluetooth
  • Two work modes: gateway and scheduled reading task
  • WEB service integration to MDC based on IEC 62056-9-1
  • Plug and Play module: G3/RF, GPRS/4G/3G
  • Firmware with modular design, flexible upgrading and extending protocol or device.
  • Up to 2047 meters management
  • The MTBF≥100,000 hours
  • Communication encryption algorithm supports AES128, AES256, ECC192
  • WEB access based on HTTPS