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In DMS Prepayment Solution using 3G/GPRS communication, each Smart Prepaid meter is equipped with a built-in 3G/GPRS module that automatically selects the stronger signal, GPRS or 3G.

The Solution using 3G/GPRS as its core communication, is an ideal solution for utilities who have mix of Prepaid and Post-paid consumers. It provides multi-tariff billing, Demand Side Management, and tamper prevention and alarm system for low credit, etc.  The same meter can be used as a Pre-Paid or a Post-Paid meter by the utility issuing a command from the central office. the

Top-up of energy credits can be done through a multitude of channels- Using STS standard web based token/Code vending system, On-line portal, internet enabled mini-marts, banks, Credit card, and conveniently located top-up kiosks.