Three Phase DC type Ultra Smart Modular Energy Meter




AISTAN M53Z, the first industrial sensor to boast 32 bit computing power and vast amount of onboard memory, easily outperforms the most powerful smart meters and controllers currently available in the market.

AISTAN M53Z gives you access to an ever-growing eco-system of smart energy applications, allowing you to deploy the device as a simple energy meter, sophisticated power analyser, demand response controller, sustainability sensor, and much more. Equipped with the latest interface technologies, the  AISTAN M53Z can adapt to a wide range of IoT environments.

AISTAN M53Z provides full advance metering Infrastructure (AMI) capabilities, and offers several ways to read, manage and secure energy information.


  • Full AMI capabilities.
  • Modular communication (RF Mesh, GPRS, 3G, Nb-IOT, PLC, WiFi, Ethernet
  • Two-way communication with either RF Mesh, GPRS, 3G, Nb-IOT, PLC, WiFi, Ethernet point to point (P2P), RS485
  • Bidirectional and nett metering.
  • Field replaceable communication module.
  • Harmonics distortion measurement
  • Trending and Prediction of demand
  • Demand Control and Connect/ Disconnect capabilities
  • Load control management: Demand based as standard feature and Current based (Optional)
  • Four quadrant energy measurement
  • Auto-ranging and auto scaling.
  • Over the air firmware upgradation (OTA)


  • LVTTL RS232 adaptable to Silver Spring Network or Trilliant RF and 3G modules.
  • Daisy chain support, up to 31 serial Modbus devices.
  • Programmable decimal places
  • Active, Reactive and Apparent power
  • Predicted active, reactive, apparent power
  • Interval calculation – block interval / sliding window
  • Integrated Load Profile
  • High resolution energy parameters.
  • Last gasp functionality for real time outage alert
  • Read out display parameters during power outage
  • Extensive anti-tamper features
  • Alarm and monitoring services
  • Enhanced security
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Flexible and Easy to install