Rising cost of energy, mass electrification, increasing per- capita energy demand and climate change, are among many other challenges that power industry is facing with. To address the said challenges, utilities, particularly the utilities in emerging markets are pursuing solutions to alleviate below problems among many other operational issues:

  • Tracking and managing technical & Commercial losses
  • Resolving Bill collection Challenges
  • Reducing Operational expenses
  • Managing Peak demand / DSM
  • Visibility over consumptions
  • Optimizing use of existing assets
  • Optimizing new Infrastructure investments
  • and many other issues

Technology companies and Solution providers have developed products and solutions such as pre-paid meters & pre-payment solutions, smart meters, AMR and AMI solutions etc. helping utilities to lighten the gravity of the above problems. Each of the abovementioned solutions by itself can address some of specific problems, as an example; prepaid meters address billing administration as well as bill collection issues and up to a large extent the commercial losses but do not address other critical challenges such as Visibility over consumptions, protection of critical assets, etc.

In DMS not only we provide separate solutions to different requirements as per the below categories, but our Post-Paid/Prepaid Hybrid e-Solution is one single comprehensive solution that enables utilities to address most of the above challenges.