AMI Solutions are developed with the aim of enabling utilities to overcome most of the operational challenges such as:      

  • Tracking and managing technical & Commercial losses
  • Meter data collections and billing administration
  • reducing Bill collection issues
  • Reducing Operational expenses
  • Managing Peak demand / DSM
  • Visibility over consumptions
  • Optimizing use of existing assets
  • Optimizing new Infrastructure investments
  • and many other issues

Deployment of AMI solutions have various challenges amongst which, a reliable communication for data collection is the main challenge. In real life scenarios, procuring reliable & good quality connections in a major deployment covering all the consumers is always a real challenge and usually it is not possible to connect all the consumers using a single communication technology. Henceforth, in most of major deployments in order, to provide reliable connections, different communication technologies are employed.

Our feature rich, DLMS compliant, Modular Smart Meters with standard communication Interface, together with our various communication modems using different communication technologies, make it easier to provide reliable connections for all the meters at the consumers’ premises.