An entrepreneur at heart, Dr. Behrouz Gholamrezaey (Dr. BG) has spent over 30 years investing and developing technology in different fields like Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Wireless Local Loop (WLL), Enterprise Equipment, Anti Explosion materials, and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) products and solutions.
The awards and accolades are a glimpse of his dedication and vision on enterprise and innovation under his leadership by the different companies under his management.

CTI Awards In the U.S.

Dallas, Texas 1995
Los Angeles 1996
Las Vegas 1997

Enterprise 50 Ranks and Awards in Singapore

6th 2001
2nd 2002
3nd 2003
3nd 2004

Pioneer Status Award
by the Singapore Ministry of Trade & Industry 2004

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Pioneer Status Award
In 2004 we completed development of Wireless Local Loop (WLL). We were awarded by Ministry of Trade and Industries with PIONEER STATUS AWARD being the first company developing the WLL technology in Singapore. The award was signed by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. George Yeo. Pioner Status Award gave us 7 years of Corporate Tax exemption.

Awards in the U.S.

  1. Product of the Year Award 1995, Dallas, Texas, in Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Show.
  2. Best Product of the Year, CTI Show 1996, LA, California
  3. Consumer Electronics BestBuy award 1997 in Las Vegas as the best (CTI) enabled products.