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DMS e-Solution using Hybrid communications is an end-to-end flexible, scalable, configurable and easy to use comprehensive AMI Solution with pre-paid/post-paid capabilities for utility companies, with mix of pre-paid and post-paid consumers. It is an ideal solution for major deployments with various limitations particularly from communication coverage point of views. The payment mode for consumers that are provided with Prepaid Smart Meters can be converted to Post-Paid or vice-versa by the utility issuing a command from the central office.

It enables utilities to prevent all sorts of non-technical losses including loss of reactive energy by providing visibility in to active & reactive energy consumptions by various consumers, provides visibility over Distribution Transformer Loads, coupled with warnings about overload situations, provides utilities with visibility towards consumptions and Consumption analytical reports plus many more powerful features. Furthermore, provides utilities with certain required information to identify any abnormal technical losses in their electricity distribution grid.

Top-up of energy credits can be done through a multitude of channels- Using STS standard web based token/Code vending system, On-line portal, internet enabled mini-marts, banks, Credit card, and conveniently located top-up kiosks

The Solution covers: Deployment management, Operations Management, Commercial and Financial Management, coupled with various powerful Consumptions and Consumptions analytical reports, enabling utility management to provide their consumers with more cost effective and satisfactory supplies & services.