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GPRS field replaceable modem is one of our several wireless communication modems that not only provides very reliable communication, but it is very cost competitive too, and can be plugged in to any modular smart meter with open standard communication interface.

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Three Phase CT Type Modular Smart Meter

This Three-Phase CT-Operated Modular Smart Meter is among the latest generation of Three Phase Smart Meters in the industry. The meter operates in completely static mode, low safe operating voltage and is an ideal meter for Advance Metering Infrastructure solutions.

Key Features:

  • Full smart functionality.
  • Bidirectional measurement of instantaneous, energy and On-demand parameter
  • Tamper events detection, recording and reporting.
  • Power fail alerts (last gasp) and power resume information, (First breath) available)
  • Load connection/disconnection support.
  • Bidirectional communication with push feature as well as on demand reading
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Net metering feature available
  • Prepaid function as per IS 15959 Part-2 (Optional) the meter can be used in sophisticated AMI system.