Three Phase (DC) Modular Smart Meter

This Three-Phase Direct Connect Modular Smart Meter is among the latest generation of its kind in the industry. The meter operates in a completely static mode, low safe operating voltage and is an ideal meter for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions.

Key Features:

  • Full smart functionalities
  • Bi-directional measurement of instantaneous energy and On-demand parameter Tamper events detection, recording and reporting
  • Power fail alerts (last gasp) and power resume information, (first breath) available
  • Load connection/disconnection through latching relays for all phases
  • Communication options including Optical, RF, PLC & GPRS
  • Bi-directional communication with push feature as well as on demand reading
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Net metering feature available
  • Prepaid function as per IS 15959 Part-2 (Optional) the meter can be used in the sophisticated AMI system.