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Single Phase 2 Wire Modular Smart Energy Meter

This Single-Phase Modular Smart Meter is among the latest generation of Single-Phase Smart Meters in the industry. M31 supports active, reactive & apparent energies with import and export measurements, instantaneous measurement, and relay disconnection and re connection management.

Key Features:

  • Full smart functionality
  • Bidirectional measurement of instantaneous, energy
  • and demand parameters
  • Data logging for instantaneous parameters, billing
  • parameters and block load profile
  • Tamper events detection, recording and reporting.
  • Event logging available with active energy, voltage
  • and current snap shots
  • Power fail alerts (last gasp) and power resume
  • information (first breath) available
  • Load connection/disconnection through latching relays for both phase and neutral.
  • Bidirectional communication with push feature as well as on-demand reading
  • Remote firmware upgrade
  • Net metering features.