Single Phase 2 Wire Modular Smart Energy Meter

M40R-11 is a Single phase static modular smart energy meter compliant with DLMS Protocol with all advance features. The meter is an excellent product for consumers with single phase two wire connection. The meter operates in both Import & Export Mode and provides full tamper proof features and accurate energy information.

Key Features:

  • AMI/AMR capabilities
  • DLMS compliant
  • Modular communication port supports different communication technologies.
  • Two-way communication including but not limited to RF Mesh, GPRS, 4G/3G, Wi-Fi, LPRF point to point (P2P), etc.
  • Connect/Disconnect capabilities with single pole relay.
  • Net metering features
  • Field replaceable communication module
  • Load control management: Demand based as standard feature and Current based (optional)
  • Four quadrant energy measurement
  • Read out display parameters during power outage.
  • Extensive anti-tamper features and Hourly Load
  • Profile Data
  • Alarm and monitoring services
  • Bi-directional Metering