RF Mesh Communication

DMS RF Mesh Prepayment Solution is a cellular based RF solution using Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) communication techniques in sub-GHz ISM band. Each smart meter is equipped with a built-in RF module communicating with the DCU using RF Mesh communication. The DCU is connected to the backend system via 3G/GPRS, Ethernet, WiFi or other communication means.

It is an ideal solution for utilities and for Sub-Metering applications with a mix of Prepaid and Post-paid consumers. The same meter can be used as a Pre-Paid or a Post-Paid meter by issuing a command from the central office.

It provides multi-tariff billing, Demand Side Management, tamper prevention and alarm system for low credit, etc. Furthermore, it provides certain required information that enables utility companies to identify any abnormal technical losses in their electricity distribution grid. It is a self-configurable, self-healing and very cost-effective solution for utilities with progressive approach towards modernization of their distribution system.  taking on a pre-paid or a post-paid service.

Top-up of energy credits can be done through a multitude of channels- Using STS standard web based token/Code vending system, On-line portal, internet enabled mini-marts, banks, Credit card, and conveniently located top-up kiosks.