Single Phase Smart Pre-Paid meter with built in 3G/GPRS

I-30P-3G is a Single Phase Smart Pre-Paid meter with built-in 3G/GPRS Communication module, and compliant with STS standards. It is an ideal meter for Prepayment Solutions with 3G/GPRS communications that is used for situations where there are Consumers with Pre-Paid meters, at dispersed locations.

  • Extensive anti-tamper features
  • Alarm and monitoring services
  • Configurable Maximum Power limit
  • Over voltage & Transient protection
  • Tamper indication provided in the LCD as ICONS
  • Low credit threshold with minimum 5 kWh
  • Buzzer warning for Low credit and Over load
  • Records energy for very low starting current (0.2% of Ib)
  • Accurate readings under harmonic conditions